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Fraternity has been a focal point as a concept, as well as an action, for humanity since the beginning of civilization. In every historical moment, we see it recurring and stimulating the affects and thoughts of individuals, as well as groups.

The fraternal relationship and the fraternal bond, is the least processed duality in the field of psychoanalysis, psychotherapy and counseling, and that, is a reality and the truth. This dynamic dialectic, creates conditions and occurrences of exceptional presence and range, within the family structure and also the community.

A human need is to have a brother, a sister (a sibling); even where there is none.

The Hellenic Association of Counselling, as the exclusive scientific entity of Mental Health Counseling in Greece, with a continuing presence and activity in the field of Counseling, comes forth to address, through lectures and workshops, the existing void and invites you to participate in the annual 26th conference for 2022 being digitally organized on the 19th and 20th of February 2022 on the subject of:

The Fraternal Bond

Every conference of the HAC, constitutes a special cultural event which concentrates emotions and thoughts, creating a recapitulation and a notion of perspective for every subject that each time is put forward.

This conference, through the lectures and workshops that will be taking place, comes to highlight The Fraternal Bond as a most powerful field of activity, to position it in its fundamental place, as a nodal point within the psychological space of each Subject and as one of the dominant structures of the collective body of the human race.

HAC’s first fully digital conference is organized in collaboration with ERA Ltd. Very soon you should receive all the details pertaining to the realization of the conference, sponsorships, lectures and workshops.

On behalf of the Scientific Committee of the conference

On behalf of the Hellenic Association of Counselling

Julia Kourtis
Scientific Committee Coordinator

Eva Metalidis

Anthi Dimitsa
General Secretary